Vernon County Jail
The Vernon County Jail is a state of the art facility with professional staff to provide a
secure jail. The Vernon County Jail provides medical care and screening, full food
service and commissary.  Prisoners from across the state are housed at this facility
including state sex offenders.
Vernon County Jail Control Center: (417) 283-4411
Leaving commissary money for inmates:  

Cash - we now have a drop box near the dispatch windows if you want to drop off cash after hours.  If you are wanting a
receipt, drop cash off Mon - Fri between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

Money Order - mail directly to inmate with his name as payee or drop it off in the drop box near dispatch windows.
Mailing Address:  Inmate Name
                c/o Vernon County Sheriff's Office
                2040 E. Hunter St
                Nevada, MO  64772

Credit/Debit Card - Go to, click "Make A Payment", enter form code 114902 and follow instructions.  
A $2.00 fee will be charged to your credit/debit card for payments under $50.00.  A 4% fee will be charged to your
credit/debit card for payments over $50.00.


Sundays 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  Must be invited to visitation by inmate your requesting to see.  Must also make an
appointment with the jail prior to visit by calling 417-283-4411.  Must be a family member and have a clean record.  Anyone
with felony charges or on probation are not allowed to visit inmates.

Inmate fees:

Inmates are responsible for Medical Services (Hospital visits, clinic visits, medication, etc.)  If they are unable to pay
immediately, it will be added to housing fees and they will be responsible to pay the bill at the end of their incarceration.
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